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Ninosca – The Woman And The Emigrant´s Song

After spending five years of her life as a low-paid immigrant, Ninosca is finally granted European res-idence permit. As European citizen she can visit her home in Nicaragua, knowing that she has the right to return to Spain. Her plan had originally been to work for two of years in Spain, supporting her family in Nicaragua. But as circumstances changed, six long years passed. During this time, Ninosca’s encounter with Europe had made her free. Looking back at her home country now, she realises that she will find it hard to live there again. She does not want to return to the man she left behind and to a life of fear and abuse. Ninosca’s children stayed with their father in Nicaragua whilst she worked double shifts to support them and pay for the children’s education. Her daughter Jenny is studied pharmacology and her son Miguel computer and system sciences.

Duration: 100

Quality: 4K


Ninosca – The Woman And The Emigrant´s Song